Corporate Identity


About Ri-Think.

The professional services agency Ri-Think was founded in 2022. Ri stands for networked intelligence – innovative thinking that leads to interdisciplinary, sustainable solutions. Ri-Think combines and coordinates five disciplines. This results in services that use interactions between the disciplines of marketing communication, corporate communication/corporate publishing, sports marketing, sustainability and HR.

Corporate Design

Staging added value.

The corporate design is based on the Ri-Think logo. The logo symbolises the agency’s five service disciplines. Their interaction creates added value – the red box in the centre. The composition of the logo follows a geometric construction model in which the arrangement of the surfaces creates a “plus” – precisely the added value that Ri-Think offers with its services.


The implementation

Sustainability – acting responsibly.

All physical materials are designed and manufactured with the smallest possible ecological footprint. The black papers are biodegradable, acid-free and recyclable. The white paper is not only climate neutral, but even climate positive. When using embossing foils or rollerballs, we pay attention to CO2 neutrality and 100% deinkability (almost complete reusability).

Typography, colours and visual language

Reduced and emotional.

The typography is a classic “typewriter font”. It represents the careful craftsmanship in the development of ideas and concepts. The colours are very reduced. Besides the basic black and white look, only a few colour accents in red and gold are used. Likewise in the imagery. Their effect lies in the detail and the moment. The visuals are meant to reinforce messages and deepen insights – they complement and strengthen the content.

Petra Brandstetter


Petra Brandstetter

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