An award-winning agency.

Owner-managed, independent, holistically positioned, closely networked. Not everywhere on the spot. But present where and when we are needed.

Our homebase

Weßling near Munich

We work where others go on holiday. You can get here quickly: by S-Bahn from Munich, airport or train station.

Our second home


Different city, same customs. The Klondike spirit, our way of thinking and working, also applies unfiltered in our agency offices in Hamburg Ottensen.

Here we are too.

Erfurt & Frankfurt

Our digital experts in Erfurt and sports marketers in Frankfurt am Main work closely networked with the rest of the team.

Our clients

Your logo could also be here.

With our clients, we usually maintain relationships that go back many years. We love thick boards, visions and long-term goals. Know-how, trust and time are essential for this.

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The Team

Male, female, diverse.

The title on the business card? Doesn’t matter to us. Hierarchies? There are none. Everyone is allowed to contribute. We help and support each other. That’s how everyone gets ahead and work is most fun.

Jenny Sadowski

Final artwork & production

Petra Brandstetter


Antje Frohmüller

Final artwork

Selina Jehle


Valerie Jahnke

Freelance Consulting Paac GmbH

Gunnar Klink


Michael Merkle

Creation Peter und der Wolf

Matthias Miara


Laura Michler


Brigitte Leonhardt

Office Management

Jens Paeschke

Managing Partner

Janina Reiter

Final artwork

Lucas Cyriacus


Peter Hatz

Managing Director Consulting

Alexandra Nigl


Matthias Zanggl


Gunnar Tuschy

Graphic design & final artwork

Sabine Staudinger

Assistance to the management

Helmut Distl

Consulting Peter und der Wolf

Sabine Vollmert


Claudia Zehrer

Office Management

Anke Paalzow

Freelance Consulting Paac GmbH

Lea Frey


Henrik Wenzel

Consulting Digital

Ulrike Koehn


Uwe Melichar

Sustainability consulting

Kerstin Waehner


Maurus Tremel

Beratung UNITED agencies for sports marketing

Claudio Reimann

Freelance Creation

Thomas Nusser


Thomas Meyer

Consulting Digital