Wayfinding system for new headquarters


Olympus – a global provider of product solutions for medical technology, industry and science.

With a 70% share of the world market, Olympus is the leader in the endoscopy equipment segment. The Japanese company employs more than 30,000 people worldwide. Olympus Europe, headquartered in Hamburg-Hammerbrook, employs approximately 1,200 people and serves the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

The project

Orientation for the European headquarters in the newly built headquarters in Hamburg.

There is 44,000 m2 of office space on an 8,600 m2 site.

Our task was to develop an information and orientation system that would enable staff, company partners, customers and visitors to find their way around the building without any problems – even if they were not familiar with the premises.

We supervised the project together with braun engels gestaltung, Ulm,   , for almost a year – from conception and design to realisation on site.

The challenges

Clarity, focus, reduction to the essentials.

In view of the Japanese roots and over 100 years of tradition of the company with its global headquarters in Tokyo, Olympus attached great importance to incorporating Japanese architectural and stylistic elements in the building design.

The workplaces follow the most modern concepts of “New Work”. This means above all: flexible room layout, changing, project-related workplaces in the building, many opportunities for team interaction and adaptation to today’s hybrid and remote conditions. The design of the building communication must do justice to this.

To do this, the symbolic language must be internationally comprehensible and take diversity and cultural variety into account.

The result

Through its clear, empathetic communication at all times with colours, iconography and language, the Olympus EMEA headquarters makes itself immediately comprehensible to everyone who uses and experiences it. It thus “tells” of the precision and ethical standards that the Olympus brand embodies worldwide.

// Joint project with braun engels gestaltung

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