Corporate Design: Tracking service for consumer goods


Transparent supply chains – visible brand

Based on global standards from GS1, ftrace enables the community of industry and trade to transmit and retrieve data across companies and sectors. This enables all actors along the entire supply chain to fulfil their social and environmental responsibilities and bring more trust and efficiency to supply networks.

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Uniform standards – uniform look

The “f” stands for “full” – in the sense of complete, clear, seamless and applicable to all sectors, target groups and categories of goods.

In order to be consistently represented and perceived as a brand in such a heterogeneous environment, we have developed a comprehensive brand and corporate design catalogue for the launch.

Recognisable worldwide

The right look at a glance

As a wholly owned subsidiary of GS1 Germany, ftrace has access to the global network Global Standards One with its 112 country organisations all over the world.
ftrace already works closely with various member organisations such as GS1 Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Austria and Hong Kong.
The media formats developed follow a defined scheme throughout. This ensures the recognisability and uniform appearance of ftrace across all country organisations.

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Petra Brandstetter

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