Corporate image and HR communication closely interlinked


Attracting and retaining the best

With almost 300,000 employees and a global presence, Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” largest providers of professional services. As a strategic partner, Deloitte provides answers to the challenges of the digital age that are critical to success. Therefore, the company is fundamentally dependent on permanently demonstrating solution competence at the highest level. And to attract and retain the best talent in the employer market.

Deloitte Out of Home Plakat

What we do

Complex client issues and fascination for high potentials – in a nutshell.

Professional services are people’s business. Deloitte needs to communicate complexity in an impressive but simple way, both in its approach to clients and as an employer. To achieve this, the corporate and HR measures must be highly interdependent. Central to this: the “Green Dot”, the unmistakable, circular key visual of the brand. It is permanently reloaded for both image and HR measures and staged in the most diverse media – highly target group specific.


  • Operational consulting and project management
  • Corporate/image communication online, offline, out-of-home
  • HR campaigns in academic and professional environments
  • Social media and portal communication, especially in the HR sector
  • In-house communication for internal competitions, events etc.
  • Corporate publishing, customer magazines, reports
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Anke Paalzow


Anke Paalzow