Hagemeyer becomes Rexel Germany

The initial situation

From a national medium-sized company to part of a global brand.

The traditional, national B2B brand Hagemeyer was one of the best-known providers of electrotechnical equipment for decades.
In 2019, Hagemeyer Germany was acquired by the French Rexel S.A.. The Paris-based company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrotechnical components.

With the takeover, Hagemeyer became Rexel Germany. The medium-sized company was completely absorbed into the multinational corporation.

Animate Hagemeyer wird zu Rexel
Corporate Identity

The challenge

Transformation and integration at all levels.

In a process lasting several months, all communication-relevant aspects of the reorganisation were to be designed and communicated.

The first step was the redevelopment of the corporate identity – recognisable as a subsidiary of the Rexel Group, but also with a clear, independent character.

Then, in a multi-layered process, the e-commerce appearance, the corporate site, social media channels, the equipment of the service centres, internal communication, sales literature, etc.

Customers, suppliers, partners, but above all the employees had to be “taken along” in such a way that the grown bond was preserved as far as possible and at the same time it became clear: “Something big and forward-looking is being created here – it’s great to be a part of it!

The merger phase

New identity, relocation of the HQ – and all that seamlessly, please.

Together with the merger, the headquarters also moved into new premises. This was a challenging phase for the team, both logistically and motivationally. Here it was particularly important to convey continuity.

Under high time pressure, Klondike worked together with the client to ensure that a smooth and conflict-free transition could take place by the deadline.

Motivating the team

Maintain and strengthen collegiality and established relationships.

One of the most important things for a harmonious merger is to get every employee excited about the transformation and to remove uncertainty and fears about the future.

Klondike worked with the client to develop a kick-off event that conveyed a maximum sense of optimism and confidence in the future. But an event and a few encouraging speeches are not enough.

Staff members want to know specifically: What’s next – and “what’s in for me”? We supported the implementation of a multi-stage internal information and feedback process throughout the entire reorganisation phase.

Website und Broschüre

New design, same look

A uniform, new look across the entire product range.

Both Rexel Germany’s customer structure in trade and industry and its product portfolio are complex. Since a certain “uncontrolled growth” had developed over the decades of the company’s past history, the brand transformation was also used to break new ground in the artwork, corporate wording and layout of the communication measures – digitally and classically. Uniqueness, transparency and the balance between size and proximity were the success factors.

The transformation, which was successful in every area, has been lived out sustainably since 2019, both internally and in customer relations. What belongs together has definitely grown together.

Fast, frictionless, forward-looking.

Valerie Jahnke


Valerie Jahnke