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Digital 1:1 communication – Silent dialogue 4.0

What we do.

There is hardly a more efficient communication channel. If it works with the target groups!

Sales topics, CRM, service offers … e-mail marketing brings impact and opportunities, especially beyond classic advertising. The only thing is that it has to catch on and be well received – with 848 billion e-mails sent every year, this is a real challenge. With our many years of experience in “silent dialogue”, the classic direct marketing, we consistently implement its techniques and insights today for communication in the digital age. Because the cut-throat fight for the attention of the target groups has always been part of our core business.

Step by step

Our 5-point plan for every email campaign:

  • The first touchpoint must be right (subject/preheader)
  • Less is more – limit yourself to the essentials
  • Every email is unique – personalisation works
  • Creativity creates impact – no word wasteland, but design
  • Wow effect. If you are surprised, you stick

A clear process ensures efficiency

E-mail marketing is (usually) standard communication. For optimal budget use, we therefore establish a standardised, repeatable customer process in 5 steps:

1. briefing
2. essentials
3. strategy
4. creation
5. implementation (technology, tests, continuous optimisation)

Quality check with litmus

We use the litmus software for quality assurance. This way we ensure functionality, performance and spam avoidance.

  • For all e-mail clients
  • For all devices (mobile, responsiveness)
  • With continuous optimisation of the HTML codes
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