ODONATA - Next Generation Aircraft

High-tech, ready to fly.

Next Generation Aircraft. Klondike supports the take-off.

The startup company ODONATA GmbH, located in Bavaria, has set itself the goal of revolutionizing passenger and light cargo air transport with a unique eVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing). The product, a combination of helicopter and aircraft, will be able to carry people and cargo up to 1,000 kilometers. Its operation requires almost no infrastructure. The heliplane flies with hydrogen in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. ODONATA has excellent prospects in the air transportation industry, especially in emerging markets and booming private flight traffic.

Klondike takes on public and investor communications tasks for ODONATA. Digital media and trade fair/event communication are initially in the focus. We are very happy to have acquired another customer who is well on the way to becoming a player of the future, both from the technological and the sustainability perspective.