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Attracting and retaining the best

As a traditional family business, global player and co-creator of global health progress, Fette Compacting is in an attractive position in the market.

However, especially in Germany there are many medium-sized companies that are world leaders in their niche and manufacture technologically sophisticated products. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult for Fette Compacting to recruit and retain good skilled workers and employees.
So how does the company stand out as an employer brand – and can it compete with the big technology companies in the labour market?

Our job

Be #FCglobalfamily

FCglobalfamily We are creating a communication platform that turns our employees into a special community – the “FC Global Family”.

This self-description embodies both the family culture and the global scope of the company.
But what constitutes the family? And with what talents and skills can you become part of this family?

We give the answers to these questions in a distinctive way that only we can give – because they are derived directly from the claim “be efficient”.

The implementation

be who you are

The campaign is given authenticity by the employees who are already part of the “FC Global Family”.

They were photographed or filmed in their working environment. Based on the existing Fette Compacting Acoustic Branding, we developed an independent campaign soundtrack.

Fette Compacting Employer Brand Anzeige
Fette Compacting Employer Brand LinkedIn Post

The rollout

In addition to classic print media, the motifs and films are also used in the careers section of the Fette Compacting website, on LinkedIn and in banners and – depending on the platform – appeal to students and trainees as well as academics and skilled workers.

The results

The digital employer branding campaign was geared towards the primary goal of awareness.
Within budget, the target was exceeded with a reach of 2,497,626 ad impressions, a viewability of 86.16% for banners and a video completion rate of 82.32% for moving images, despite ongoing Covid19 restrictions.
The careers section of the Fette Compacting website was the second most viewed page.

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